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Ep34: Dave Chappelle’s take on the Second Amendment

Yamarashi Cube

Dave Chappelle said the second amendment was there “just in case” the first one didn’t work out. This endorsement is welcome, yet, also cedes too much ground to aspiring tyrants.

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Science And Spirituality Agree?

Can Science & Spirit Agree?

Can science and spirituality agree on individuality, human dignity, and freedom? We begin from the premise that each individual is sovereign over their own lives and is free to express themselves without fear of aggression so long as their actions do not encroach upon others.  In this way, the equal liberty of each individual acts […]

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Everyday Samurai 03 Igensho: A Force In Being


Igensho: The Book Of Dignity, General Principals of Martial Art talks about the importance of maintaining a force in being in order to provide for the security of a free state, in line with the US Constitution and the Second Amendment (2nd Amendment). An armed population is necessary for enforcing law through self government that […]

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