The End Of Gun Control

Dive into the complexities and controversies of gun control using the framework of political-economy to explore thought-provoking implications on criminal justice, self-defense, personal liberty, social cohesion, the administration of law, constitutional order, republican federalism, and the role of government in a free society. Drawing from a wide range of sources, historical examples, philosophical insights, and causal-realist analysis, this book challenges conventional wisdom and invites readers to critically examine their beliefs about gun control, security production, and the United States Constitution’s Second Amendment.

268 pages.

Execute the law!

Check your theory of law, law enforcement, and the Second Amendment

Putting an end to “gun control” requires orienting on the correct theory of law, its legitimate purposes, and then organizing

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The End of Gun Control: 4.2 Political Authority Is The Problem

The republican theorist and political strategist Niccolo Machiavelli wrote in his Discourses that “a good militia is the foundation of

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The End of Gun Control: 4.1 Law, In Practice, Has Been Inverted

There was no such thing as a police force when the United States were formed.  The London Metropolitan Police in

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The End of Gun Control: 4. Follow the Way: Daily, not “just in case” of tyranny.

There’s a story from Taoist lore about a doctor who became famous for curing severe conditions and helping his patients

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The End of Gun Control: 3. Not a grant from, but a necessary precondition for republican government.

In the Enlightenment tradition that philosophically underpins the American republic, governments are instituted through the consent of the people to

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The End of Gun Control: 2. Change the Narrative to secure a Free State.

Entirely too many Second Amendment advocates, including major “gun rights” organizations, are playing into the hands of those seeking to

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The End of Gun Control: 1.35 This is The Way

The great samurai swordsman Miyamoto Musashi wrote in his influential Book of Five Rings that, The Way is in training. 

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The End of Gun Control: 1.34 Securing Social Harmony

Contrary to popular belief, it is impossible to put ‘property’ above or before ‘people’ because only people have property.  A

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The End of Gun Control: 1.33 Embracing Responsibility

Adopting a legal order of ‘equal justice under law’ is simple: Do all you have agreed to do and do

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The End of Gun Control: 1.32 Putting the State Under a Lens

The present political monopoly enjoyed by the general government of the United States was unlawfully formed not through constitutional charter

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The End of Gun Control: 1.31 Slicing Up The Greatest Resistance

Those that benefit from the status quo will not likely relinquish the benefits of the present arrangement willingly.  The incentives

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The End of Gun Control: 1.30 The Paradox of Power

Distinguishing between ‘a free state’ and ‘the State’ can be tricky.  Analysts must guard against falling into mere semantic games. 

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