February 26, 2020

Free Schaeffer Cox

I’d like to see Schaeffer Cox released from captivity. 

He’s being held as a political prisoner in a maximum security federal penitentiary based upon trumped up charges of planning to kill government officials.  The case made against him relied upon a questionable source sent in by law enforcement to agitate Cox into agreeing with a dubious murder plot.  In essence, Cox was the victim of a government agent provocateur.  

Cox was a clear threat to the status quo simply for speaking the truth.  He was a brilliant voice for liberty that was following through with creating a more civil society and parallel structures of justice based upon the rule of law and sound economic principles.  He understood thoroughly what makes for peace and prosperity and was able to charismatically articulate those principles to a wide range of people that were interested in what he was doing.

There is a powerful video of him explaining how to restore liberty, in practical terms, available on places like YouTube and Vimeo.  I've archived a copy and, while it is long, highly recommend you watch it to get a sense of who Schaeffer Cox is and hear about what he was trying to do.

He’s a dynamic speaker and able to convey the principles of liberty in an entertaining yet informative manner.  Because he was so effective, one can understand why the powers that be felt threatened by his mere presence and why they would target him for prosecution.

Cox understood that universal justice is available to everyone using the simple, yet scientific, principles of common law.  That is: do all you have agree to do and do not encroach upon other people or their property.  With this clear approach to justice, people have the basis of contract law and criminal tort law. 

The principles of justice can be applied consistently to the variety and complexities found in the real world by scientifically examining cases through the lens of contracts and whether encroachment upon another’s justly held person or property has occurred.

Under common law there is no need, or room, for a ruling elite, there is no space for doling out special exceptions to the politically connected.  Therefore the politicians and bureaucrats that enjoy their privileged status saw Cox as a threat to their way of life and mobilized the enforcement power at their disposal to launch an operation determined to take him down.

Cox also understood that the key to upholding universal standards of justice also required adequate means of implementation, because knowledge of these principles matters little into they are carried into effect in a sustainable way. 

The only manner of abiding by the principles of universal justice in actual practice is through the two great pillars of government: the power of the purse and the power of the sword.  To abide in non-encroachment and the fulfillment of agreements requires a free market in money; that is a money that people voluntarily agree to use in their transactions.  In this, there is no room for legal tender laws or fiat currency. 

Again, dispensing with the Federal Reserve system of debt based notes posed a threat to those that enjoy the benefits of being first in line to receive this kind of money before the Canitillon Effect settles in and, therefore, had a vested interest in silencing Cox’ voice that allowed for no one to be above the universal law.

The US Constitution, one of the first political charters conceived in liberty, pursued sound principles in the power of purse and sword as well.  It prohibited constituent political bodies from emitting bills of credit and it also recognized that, historically, people have always gravitated toward gold and silver as their preferred medium of exchange.  Therefore, Cox set up a system of dispute arbitration and security provision using silver coins for payment. 

The governmental power of the sword can also abide in the universal system of justice derived from common law, it merely requires that enforcement power be authorized by contract.  The US Constitution was designed to follow a circuit of self-government where the people themselves ultimately execute the laws of the union through their own local militia. 

Representative republicanism may dispatch elected officials to participate in the legislative process but history and Public Choice economics have shown that they easily become corrupted and ultimately betray the universal standards of common law.  Elected officials tend to gravitate toward serving their own interests and the interests of the ‘political machine’ at the expense of their constituents once indoctrinated into the state apparatus. 

Having the people responsible, armed, organized, and disciplined as local militia, to bring whatever legislation is passed into execution forms the ultimate check against the corrupting influence of centralized power.  This is key function is inherent to guaranteeing the republican form of government enshrined in the US Constitution.  The absence of these “necessary” institutions is a key indicator as to why there is ever-increasing hostility toward individual rights, private property, and “a free state”. 

Cox sought to remedy this deficit by building an organic structure of militia based security and justice through the Second Amendment Task Force, Peacemakers Militia, and Liberty Bell Network.  These voluntary associations sought to protect participants from encroachment from any violators of the common law, particularly on the part of rogue officials enforcing legislation in contradiction to individual rights to life, liberty, or property. 

Again not being able to pervert the law to serve their own ends does not sit well with political actors.

The networks were self-funded by the members and operated on a service contract basis using silver coinage as the means of payment for services rendered.  Conflict resolution was adjudicated in common law courts, offering alternatives to the dysfunction of politicized bureaucratic courts.  Juries were paid for their time and expertise, in specie rather than fiat currency, and not conscripted like under prevailing monopoly state systems. 

Even though the entire enterprise was voluntary, the system worked and people abided by the decisions because ostracism from the community acts as a powerful incentive.  People wanted to be a part of the Liberty Bell network and obeyed the court opinions because the rulings were both based on transparent, objective law and compliance was requisite to receiving the benefits of civic arrangement.

Cox orchestrated systems of bringing universal standards of justice into effect through voluntary participation.  So, of course, undermining the monopoly claims of authority enjoyed by politicians and bureaucrats attracted retaliation.  His ability to explain how to replicate the common law instruments of justice led to investigations by state and national enforcers.

They sent in confidential informants motivated to reduce their own sentences for drug running, theft, and fraud.  They befriended Cox, earned his trust, and then fed him stories of assassins closing in and impending attacks.  They agitated him into making statements that were misconstrued as threatening public officials and provoked him into seeking legislatively prohibited weapons under a gaslit belief that they were necessary to fight an imminent battle. 

Jordan Page, the bard of the liberty movement, wrote this powerful song to share Schaeffer's plight with the larger world and mobilize awareness. 

Schaeffer Cox believed in equal justice under universal law and sought to fulfill the promise of self-governance using the republican as his guide in restoring constitutional order in the form of money and militia.  He proved the security and justice could be sustained through voluntary associations and was an effective advocate of practical liberty. 

For this he had to be silenced and now sits in a cage, a victim of the same corruption that threatens every citizens’ security. 

His example stands as a strong reminder of how pervasive and unscrupulous monopoly state power is. 

His formula was nearly perfect, purse and sword as sound, free-market money and local, self-governing voluntary militia.  His efforts aligned with the Constitution, the supposed supreme law of the land. 

His sequencing, however, was his downfall.  He was a man ahead of his time, for the monopoly nation-state is an anachronism, an atavistic vehicle engendering corruption, and whose ill effects are leading more people to question what can be down to stop the madness, the erosion of their liberty, and the siphoning of their prosperity.  Yet, it is presently too powerful and insidious to boldly undermine it in the way Schaeffer did.

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His message is needed, now more than ever.  For this, I would like to see him free and shining his light in the world.

What can you do to help free Schaeffer Cox?