May 30, 2018

命 (Inochi) “Life”

Life is a precious gift, a unique experience, and a human being’s cosmic purpose.  Everyone, in their own unique way, is here to witness and participate in the unfolding of the Universe from their own unique, individual perspective.

In the course of dancing life’s dance, the interaction among disparate beings, with their own priorities and desires, inevitably leads to conflict.  Civilization is the process by which societies develop conflict avoidance norms, the greatest of which is the acceptance of property rights.  Each person has a property in their own bodies as well as their justly acquired possessions.

When property rights are secure, human life flourishes.  As long as property is respected, harmony prevails and society advances.

Yet there remain those who have not learned, or simply choose to ignore, that cooperation yields more good for everyone than conflict.  There are those that seek to dominate others, disrespect people and their property, and destroy civilization through their selfish or shortsighted acts.

This is where the warrior becomes the protector of civilization.  Even in the modern era, and especially when looking at current events, individuals that stand ready to uphold justice in society are essential to human well-being.

Justice is the adherence to just conduct in human relationships.  Simply put, justice is about respecting people and their property.  Justice says a good society consists of people that do not hurt others or take what has not been willingly given.

The warrior recognizes choice involves tradeoffs.  Selecting one course of action, by necessity, excludes all others.  Resources applied to one effort will deny those same resources to any competing demand.

Protecting justice means punishing transgressions.

This also implies that a healthy society embraces a hierarchy.  The integrity of the individual and their property is upheld while violators are denounced.  Cooperation is rewarded while aggression is rebuked.  Productivity is lauded while indolence is castigated.  Inclusivity is welcomed while vulgarity is ostracized.

Law is impersonal, it is not about personalities or status.  Justice only requires upholding property boundaries and the voluntary transfer of property titles by way of contract.

The warrior’s task is simple: uphold life, civilization, and human flourishing by protecting person and property.