May 3, 2018

London has overtaken New York’s murder rate with knife attacks being so prevalent that six teenagers were recently attacked within a span of ninety minutes.

Despite the restrictive laws in England increasingly deny the British citizenry any means or right of defending themselves, people there are seeing puncture wounds from simple tools, like screwdrivers.

No matter how prohibitive the legislation, people will always fashion tools to augment their fighting capacity.  Cain killed Abel with a rock after all.

As a substitute for sharp metal, acid attacks in London are also on the rise.

Don’t expect any help from the police either.  The London bobbies are too busy, get this, painting their nails to raise awareness of the plight of beauty salon workers.

Meanwhile, violent gangs are making rap videos touting their violent escapades as rivals try to one up each other with higher numbers of crimes committed…and then sing about it while they collect social benefits.

The reality is that attacks can happen at any time and ultimately every individual is responsible for their own security.  Government policies can either augment or hinder individual efforts to take care of themselves and what is theirs.

Great Britain today is an example of the negative case, exactly what not to do if peace and security are the desired ends.

Rather than preventing crimes, British police are arresting elderly people for defending their homes from notorious invaders.  They expect people to lay down and be walked on by criminals.  The government wants the people to follow their example of supine cowardice.

Still, hope is not lost.  There are things you can do, choices you can make, and actions you can take to improve your lot.

By choosing to take responsibility you can deliver unto the world, and your community, one improved unit; a self-actualized individual that attends to their own security.

You can choose to train and prepare with tools, skills, and a winner’s mindset.

The legal environment might dissuade you from having the ideal means of defense, but you always have options, especially when you train to see opportunities everywhere.

Do you have what it takes?

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