May 7, 2018

Embedded Energy

The maxim learned in most elementary science courses teaches that matter can be neither created nor destroyed, it can only transform its shape or composition.  Einstein's theory of relativity showed the world that matter is equivalent to energy in motion (E=MC2).  Further advancements in quantum physics reveal that there is but one source of all energy, the universe itself, composed of an infinite field that acts like a blanket over, as, and through all things.  Compression of this energy, similar to a blanket being scrunched up, displays as matter.  It remains essentially the same in nature, just in a denser form.

The compression of energy, regardless of whether it be a granite mountain, animated organism or electro-mechanical machine all derives from the one source and remains, at the quantum level, equally a part of, and fully connected to, the one source, no matter what the appearance is.  The idea of the manifest world as differentiated, yet not divided, aspects of the one source provides a unified field approach to all that can be observed and perceived.

Recognizing that every object, idea, and event is contained within this one energy and that all action is a manifestation of this energy in motion, is a difficult concept to wrap one's head around, yet also offers insight into the means of elevating the human condition.

Infinite Possibilities

The unified field is intelligent.  It responds to the expectations and beliefs of the beholder.  Experiments have demonstrated that beams of light can be either a particle or a wave depending upon the expectations of the observer.  Similarly, a singular light particle in motion can appear in two places simultaneously, contingent upon the experiment's design specifications.  This implies that energy can transform between its natural, unformed state and material manifests according to the intention of the individual interacting with it.  In a sense, the universe responds to the consciousness of the individual summoning its manifestation.

Creating usable consumer goods from the unformed substance of the universe, or the raw materials found in nature requires human intention and action.  The parable comes to mind of the farmer that was complimented for his fine and fertile fields, along with the statement that he was blessed to have such an abundant crop.  The farmer replied that it was all true, but the field was an uncleared and unproductive thicket of brush and bramble when left solely under the management of Deity. 

Manifestation Mechanics

The point of the story is that all the potential of infinite abundance remains unrealized until manifest into form through human action. 

It is for this reason that the divine individual is the critical component in realizing the abundance that remains in potential until summoned forth.  The universal energy needs a catalyst to become the myriad forms of matter. 

Something must compel a transformation, the hurdle over the equal sign in Einstein's equation, and that is why the individual, uniquely endowed with cognition, intention, and cognition is so crucial to the creative process. 

It is through human action that energy is transmuted into the material goods and services that create value in people's lives.  It is this action that creates improved conditions in time and space and it is individual action that needs to be promoted and protected to bring about a higher state of human well-being. 

For more on quantum physics experiments, see Fritzof Kapra's “The Tao of Physics”, Gary Zukav's “The Dancing Wu Li Masters” and Lynne McTaggart's “The Field”.