September 17, 2018

Science Of Justice

The Science Of Proper Human Conduct

A principles-based, systematic approach to discerning human rights is necessary for knowing when to defend them using force.  Securing peace & a good life depends upon the science of justice.

One of the greatest sources for a principled approach to resolving conflict is the tradition of natural rights and the theory of natural law.  Lysander Spooner said that the science of justice was the science of discerning what is mine versus what is thine.

In other words, the science of justice is the theory of property rights, the borders delineating what belongs to who.  Property rights offer a clear line of demarcation allowing for intersubjective understanding.

The science of knowing what is right is a matter of determining who owns a given resource under dispute, whether a violation of the property title has occurred, and arranging for compensation.  It is a science based on facts in the real world and, through examining property boundaries all interested parties can know when transgressions take place merely by examing unlawful crossing of discernible boundaries.

In other words, the science of justice is a matter of securing the integrity of justly held property.

In this, there is no room for “political law”, subject to the inevitable perversions brought about through those using the state as the great fiction whereby everyone tries to live at the expense of everyone else.

Political law, or legislation, undermines the science of justice by supplanting property rights with obscure terms like democracy, the common good, or social justice.  Such ambiguous, and unachievable, goals open the door to the corruption of law on display today.

Restoring justice requires scientific examination based on the clear standards only available in a private property based social and legal order.

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