August 4, 2018


Take a deep dive into Igensho: The Book Of Dignity, General Principles of Martial Art to see the larger purpose of training in tae kwon do, karate, aikido and other samurai related combat systems. Its not just about self-defense, but about upholding the principles of justice. Find out more from this conversation with the author.

Igensho is the distillation of decades worth of martial arts training and experience codensed into a very readable and practical manual that every practitioner should have.

Igensho starts with the very purpose of martial art, describing principles to internalize and live by.  By putting dignity first, individuals can understand how their training in martial art is a civic duty that provides social contribution, and mutual security.  

Igensho should be part of your library, to be sure, and the author shares the inside story of how this life changing book came about.  

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